The Plain Door


Opening the plain door, you step into what appears to be the antechamber for a luxurious space-suite. Directly in front of you, another door lies tantalizingly ajar, and you can hear raised voices issuing from the room beyond.

Overcome with curiosity, you creep forward and peer around the door. There are two women within, arguing with one another heatedly. One of them has titian-red hair, which contrasts beautifully with her pale sapphire skin. Her luminous eyes are the color of a three-mooned midnight, and her lush curves promise the sorts of pleasures best partaken of under the light of at least one moon.

The other woman, who stands with her back toward you, is slender and athletic, her muscular form clearly visible through her skin-tight silver jumpsuit. She wears her short black hair spiked, the harshness of her coiffure contrasting against the creamy skin of her neck and delicate ears – and presumably of her face, as well, but you can’t see that, since she’s standing with her back toward you.

“I should never have invited you here, Silver Marauder!” the cerulean temptress cries, while you watch from behind the door. Tears sparkle in her eyes, like stars would if they were mainly composed of saline.

“And yet you did!” the other woman – surely, the very Silver Marauder who the azure beauty was just addressing declares – “and now, I must have my vengeance!”

O! What will you do?

1) You must learn more about the situation! You will continue to eavesdrop.

2) This Silver Marauder is clearly dangerous! You will attempt to rescue the blue belle from her!

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