Though the tears now spilling down the lush cheeks of the azure woman pain you, you stay your hand, the better to hear what vengeance the silver-suited woman intends to take, and her reason for so taking it!

Conveniently, she continues to explain, in such a manner: “It was you who invited me to Dashington Station, in order that my ruthless mercenaries might take my absence as an opportunity to rebel against my firm dictate upon the taking of lives or the attacking of innocents!” the black-haired woman proclaims, raising a deadly zathwop bladearm and pointing it at her prisoner – for so it appears! – in a fury that tenses the enticing muscles along her slender back.

“Nay, it is not so!” the cobalt-tinged lovely responds, recoiling a little but raising her chin. “I invited you here for one reason – well, possibly two – and that first, most important, reason is that I, Dame Harmony Sonata, most famed opera diva in the broad and ever-expanding universe, have lost my muse! It is as lost to me as something you have put down somewhere and cannot find even when you look under the sofa and behind the bookcases! Without my muse I cannot sing, and I thought only that you – the infamous and extremely attractive Silver Marauder – might help restore my muse to me, and therefore aid in giving back to all the inhabited worlds the priceless gift of sheer artistry that is my exquisite voice!”

“Can it be so?” the Silver Marauder muses. “And yet – no! Or do you claim it is coincidence that the first target of my mutinous mercenaries was a Royal Princess of my own long-fled home planet, Xanastasia Zuera Francel of the House of Dorg? The Princess is doubtlessly dead, and you are a villain! And though it grieves me to destroy such a beautiful and talented villain, you must die for this deed!”

You barely register these last words, for suddenly your memories return to you! Amazing as it seems, you are the Princess of which they speak, and the keen legal training imparted to you by your mother, Empress Andrinara, instantly informs you that the conduct of the indigo opera diva is not that of a guilty woman lying to save her worthless life, but that of one as true as the 100 carat spun-space-glass found in the mines of Mericot 7!

“Halt!” you cry, and push the door open wide. “I am Xanastasia! And I command you not to harm this innocent woman!”

At once the Silver Marauder lowers her bladearm and drops to one knee, revealing delicate features and tilted black eyes. “Your Highness!” she cries. “O! How happy I am that you survived and that I need not harm this woman who your wisdom has declared to be cleared of the dastardly crime to which I had attributed her! I tell you now my true name – Caroline Jin Yue, which I have entrusted to few – and vow that I would do anything to express my gratitude!”

“And I!” Harmony declares, gazing rapturously at you, “have on the instant rediscovered my muse! Dear princess, you have saved my voice, and all that I am is yours!”

Their invitations could hardly be clearer if they were etched by a laser-beam onto the side of a middle-sized moon! What shall you do?

1) Harmony’s triple-mooned eyes have ensorcelled you! You gently bend to run your hands through the diva’s luscious locks.

2) Caroline’s front is as bewitching as her athletic back was, and you find her boldness irresistible. You stride over to draw her to her feet.

3) How could you possibly choose between two such wonders of womanhood? You diplomatically broach the option of a multiple-personed lovemaking.

4) Attractive as they both are, you have no time for the joys of love. It is time to smile graciously and make your escape from Dashington Station.

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