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Under the Moons of Riadorf

Available for the first time in print, this long-awaited volume collects together some of the best-loved tales of the Dorgian Galaxy, including two full-length novelettes.

Marvel at the triple moons of Riadorf in the story that ‘started it all,’ allow yourself to be swept away into a tale of love and piracy surrounding the remote Lambda Colonies… and more!

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The Riadorfan Romance Holiday Spectacular

“Papa,” little Arabesque said, “tell me the stowy of the BiMoon Solstifest of Wight and Wove again?”

…and so begins THE RIADORFAN ROMANCE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR, a charming collection of three stories by renowned authors Claire Rasmussen and Belle Heartley set in their beloved Dorgian Galaxy. Following the adventures of a single father and his nanny, the dashing former-pirate Captain of the RED RAPTOR and her wife, and a lonely pet-groomer, THE RIADORFAN ROMANCE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR is sure to be a holiday favorite for romance lovers everywhere!

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

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