Saving the Songstress


Glancing quickly around the room, you locate a heavy vase which you instantly seize. And as quickly as you have caught up the decorative knickknack, you throw it down again – upon the Silver Marauder’s head…!

The ruby-haired beauty gasps in surprise, then bursts into tears of gratitude. “Oh, sweet savior!” she cries. “How can I ever repay you?”

“Who was that?” you query. “And who are you? And for that matter, I don’t suppose you have any idea who I am?”

“Alas,” the woman who is the color of the sky on many, but not all, planets replies. “I can answer only two of your questions. The woman whom you have just incapacitated is the Silver Marauder, a famed mercenary captain. And I myself am Dame Harmony Sonata, famous songstress – do you not know me?”

“Take no offense, lovely one,” you urge. “I’m sure I would know you, except that I am suffering from amnesia, and don’t know much of anything.”

“A hard fate for one so young and lovely!” the siren replies. “And yet, an inspiring one! I have been without my muse for lo, these many space-months, but now I feel my art returning to me. And all because of you! And thus, you have saved me twice! I owe you everything that I have to give.”

As she says this last, her voice becomes husky, and she takes a deep breath, displaying her impressive bosom.

Her meaning is clear! But what is your desire?

1) Harmony is what you long for! You take the lovely lady into your arms at once.

2) The songstress is tempting indeed, but you have too many – or too few – things on your mind at the moment to indulge in lovemaking.

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