The Duke’s Doomed Stand


“Dashington,” you say, “I don’t think –”

But before you can continue explaining your thought – or is it your un-thought? – a noise out in the corridor captures your attention!

“Proet, no!” Duke Dashington exclaims, leaping to his feet. “It must be the mercenaries!”

As one, the two of you bravely dash out into the corridor, zathwop bladearm and lumino-epee held at the ready! You lay about you with your weapons in an impressive fashion, claiming the lives of many a mercenary. But just as it seems you may be able to win free, Duke Dashington is struck down!

“O, Dashington!” you exclaim, helping him to the ground with one arm as you skillfully parry the attack of a mercenary with the other.

“Take heart, Princess,” he gasps, as his lifeblood pours forth, “you may yet carry the day!”

But you don’t. Only moments after making a brave vow to avenge the Duke’s death, you receive your own mortal wound at the hands of a merciless mercenary. It seems that two people are not sufficient to hold off an army.



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