Searching the Infirmary


You briskly rummage through the infirmary, like a Gweltian moon-skunk rummages through the swamplands, and discover nothing of import.

Or is that… almost nothing? Tucked away in a draw you discover a holo-album, Cerulean Dreams. It is the work of famed opera diva Dame Harmony Sonata. Her beguiling blue-tinted face smiles out from under her ravishing waves of titian hair, and, captivated by that smile, you nearly miss the fact that fingerprint marks on the cover match the size and shape of your unusually delicate digits! The album is presumably yours. You feel no qualms, therefore, in slipping it into a pocket of your space-pyjamas.

You return to the holo-table, and just in time, as a tall, dark-haired man with broad shoulders and a tidy goatee enters the infirmary. You cannot help but notice that he is very handsome! And also that he only has one eye, and wears an eye-patch of xarbenian silk. Happily, it is one of those irregularities of feature that serves only to make the bearer more attractive, rather than less, much like a charmingly crooked smile, or an alluring and mysterious third nipple.

“Darling,” the man declares, “it is I, Duke Dashington, your fiancé!”

“Gasp!” you breathe.

“It’s true!” the Duke proclaims, stepping forward to sweep you into his arms and cover your mouth with a sensual kiss.

Well! This is a surprising turn of events! How shall you respond?

1) How would any young woman with no memory of herself respond to a handsome man who claims to be her fiancé? Kiss him back, and marry him as soon as possible!

2) Even if you are affianced, this man is taking astonishing liberties! Punch him in the face!

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