Punching the Duke


Snarling, you shove the too-forward Duke away from you with the strength of ten glarbjernni (which, being very small, are approximately 1/10th as strong as the average human), and then immediately punch him in the face. He falls like a ton of space-bricks.

“Huh!” you say, speaking to yourself, as the Duke is presently unconscious. “That was a mighty punch! Perhaps I know some form of martial arts?”

You are still pondering the question of your possible deadly skills as you depart the infirmary, rubbing your knuckles absently on your space-pyjamas. In fact, you are so absorbed in your thoughts that you nearly run straight into the athletic woman in the silver bodysuit who is standing in the corridor!

“Thank goodness!” she cries. “It’s you!”

And with no further ceremony, she grabs your arm and pulls you through a secret panel into an empty secret launchbay.

You open your mouth, prepared to protest this treatment – perhaps with your apparently mighty fists! – when she speaks again.

“I am Caroline Jun Yie,” she asserts, “otherwise known as famed mercenary captain ‘The Silver Marauder.’ And you are Princess Xanastasia Zuera Francel of the Imperial House of Dorg.”

“Sweet Proet!” you exclaim, as your memory rushes back to you in a flood of remembrance, “it’s true! I am Princess Xanastasia! But however did I come to be here?”

The Silver Marauder rakes her hands through her spiky black hair and closes her dark eyes, shaking her head in a gesture that you suspect is one of regret. “I regret to inform you that you were attacked by my mutinous mercenary crew. The very mercenaries who will soon descend upon this station! But I have a plan for dealing with them – will you help me?”

Well, will you?

1) You obviously can’t trust anyone who calls herself a marauder of any metallic hue. Punch her in the face and escape!

2) You have remembered that you are generally a helpful person! You will help!

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