Trusting Dashington


Shyly, you admit that you don’t recall anything much at all, but that you will certainly trust your fiancé to guide you.

Duke Dashington guides you all the way to the altar in a rather hasty ceremony the next day, and then reveals the shocking truth…! You are Xanastasia Zuera Francel, Princess of the House of Dorg, and now that you are wed, your new husband intends to use his marriage to influence your parents into granting concessions to him that are denied the other space-duchies. How very dastardly Duke Dashington has turned out to be!

You are strongly tempted to divorce him at once, or at least to mount some sort of protest! But alas…! You are the sort of person who, when struck with amnesia, is willing to trust in the complete honesty of a man who wears an eyepatch and has a name like “Duke Dashington.” Defiance takes a lot of effort, and you would rather sit back and submit to the dubious guidance of your perfidious husband.

It’s a good thing the sex is so fantastic, although the authors are not inclined to reward such a passive reader with actual descriptions thereof.


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