The Door with the Seal


You press your hand tentatively, yet bravely, against the inlaid seal of diamond-polished invulnerabilium, and push the – happily, unlocked! – door open.

The lush quarters within appear to be deserted, but you find yourself unwilling to penetrate further than the comfortable parlor in which you stand. Who knows whether there is someone lurking behind one of the closed doors you espy?

In any case, a handsome case resting in the center of a gleaming table woven of spun space-glass catches your attention so thoroughly as to drive all thought of doors from your mind. Eagerly, you approach the box! Alas, it is locked! If only you had a key…!

It seems to be time to attempt one of the other doors!

1) The library is a good place to begin researching your identity, a key to a mysterious box, or both, you imagine!

2) The plain door seems promising, with its similarity to the blank slate that is your memory of yourself!

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