Fleeing the Infirmary


Dashing out of the infirmary, you are immediately confronted by a short corridor that branches into three large and impressive doorways.

You assume that the first of these leads to a library, mainly because the sign above the door – which stands invitingly open, as though it were welcoming you in with a broad and friendly smile, except that walking into a smiling mouth would be disturbing, and walking through a door generally is not – reads LIBRARY in letters as high as the length of your slender hand.

The second doorway boasts no letters, but a grand seal is inlaid upon the rare lleko-wood of the door in what seems to be diamond-polished invulnerabilium. Obviously, this door leads to the private suite of some important personage here on the space station!

The third door is as grand-looking as the second, but lacks a seal. Perhaps it leads into a guest suite?

Which doorway will you pass through, swiftly yet gracefully, as if you were an orofean snake-cat, except rather more woman-shaped and less hairy?

1) To the library! Perhaps someone there will be able to assist you.

2) Anything behind an inlay of diamond-polished invulnerabilium is bound to be interesting. Through the second door it is!

3) It might be easiest to hide and gather your thoughts in the serenity promised by a guest suite – at least, so long as no one else is in residence. You’ll take your chances with the third door!

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