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17th Aug 2008

Hi everyone! It’s Claire! Today I’m going to share with you one of my very favorite things: art from our fans!

Belle and I love getting all kinds of fanmail, of course, but there’s something really special about the pictures our readers send us. It’s really obvious how much our stories are touching people when they go to so much trouble to create beautiful, hand-crafted images like the ones I’m going to show you today. I hope you’ll like them as much as I do! (P.S. Niki says you can click on them to make them bigger!)

This first picture was sent to me by reader S. B.:

Spayswurm the Biteinator

Thanks, S. B.! That’s a great spayswurm! But I think you should know, “biteinator” isn’t really a word.

I really like this next picture, which illustrates an important scene from Among the Werepigs of Horticult. Isn’t it creative? I love collages!

Werepigs of Horticult

Thanks for sending your art in, Crystal Starbeam!

These next two pictures were inspired by Betwixt the Dilemmas of Dashington Station, our newest novelette. OrlandoLover69 emailed me this fantastic photo:

Duke Dashington

And Piccaso sent in this gorgeous mixed-media illustration:

Stick Figure Orgy

I love them all, dear readers! Please keep sending in your beautiful artwork!



P.S. But don’t send us any fanfiction, though!  It really upsets Belle.

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