Review: Cerulean Sins

1st Jul 2008

This week, we’re reviewing Cerulean Sins, by Laurell K. Hamilton:

Cerulean SinsAnita Blake, Vampire Hunter is not quite as human as she once was. Consumed by both the lusts of the vampire and the primal hungers of the wereleopards, her desires must be sated. But it is Jean-Claude, the Master Vampire, who needs her now.

When she is asked to reanimate the body of a long-dead corpse, it seems like just another case to Anita. What she will soon discover is that the corpse may hold the secret to an ancient crime that not everyone wants to be remembered…

In this pulse-pounding new story of suspense and sensuality, Anita will need to muster all the dark forces of her passion is she is to save the ones she loves the most.

Belle: First of all, I would like to register my Immense Displeasure with the taint of censorship which wafts around this novel like the odor of a very smelly, rotten corpse.

Webmistress Niki: It was censored? I didn’t realize it was even edited.

Belle: Editors are censors, Niki. In any case, authoritative source Wikipedia informs us that the title Cerulean Sins refers to a lingerie store that had been included in the novel. However, the vile red scissors of censorship deemed this “too racy”.

But on to the novel itself: Let me begin by acknowledging, I think for all of us, the bravery and creative vision of Ms. Hamilton, who has so wholeheartedly embraced the primacy of primal lust over anything with the slightest resemblance to coherent plot. I stand amazed and humbled.

Webmistress Niki: I am also amazed.

Claire: Honestly, I think this book could have used some more romantic romance.

Belle: Claire, I know you found some of the metaphysical boundary-pushing a little too intense, but what is not romantic about this situation?

He found a rhythm that was fast, and deep, and hard, as if he were trying to shove himself out the other side of me. He beat his body into mine with a thick, meaty sound.

The orgasm caught me unprepared. One moment I was caught up in the rhythm of his body in mine, and the next I was screaming, writhing underneath him. I raked nails down his body, anywhere I could touch him, and when that wasn’t enough I clawed my own body.

Jason’s screams echoed mine, and his body tightened against me, spine bowing, head thrown back, and a howl spilled from his lips. The ardeur drank him down, his skin, his sweat, his seed.

Claire: I just feel like maybe they could have lit some candles first or something!

Webmistress Niki: As far as character goes, I personally found Anita somewhat unsympathetic. It’s hard to really identify with a heroine who gets a deus ex machina to save her in every book.

Claire: What?

Belle: I’ll explain later, Claire.

Niki, you naturally fail to recognise the Genius of this decision. Less page space dedicated to a more organic solution of problems raised earlier in the book means more page space dedicated to superbly realised vampire threesomes.

Webmistress Niki: Well, I do like some aspects of Hamilton’s approach to polyamory, which you don’t see often in romance novels. Too often it’s just one true love.

Claire: I like one true love! But, yes, sometimes it’s nice to have a little variety. Or lots of variety!

Belle: And many loves means lots of discussion about who one should be doing when. Anita’s torment – because she is forced to have sex by a vampire lust infection – is delicately played out, as in this beautifully constructed paragraph:

I opened my eyes and found Nathaniel close enough to touch. I stared into those compassionate lilac eyes, that soft, caring face, and I hated him. I don’t know why. But I hated him just a little. I hated him for not being someone else. I hated him for the hair that fell to his knees. I hated him because I didn’t love him. Or maybe I hated him because I did. But it wasn’t what I felt for Richard. I hated him, and I hated me. In that one instant I hated everyone in my life, everyone and everything, and me most of all.

Claire: That is very poignant.

Belle: Precisely. I’m not sure how anyone in their right mind could object to these books on the grounds of lack of romance. Or any grounds.

Claire: I guess you’re right…

Belle: Yes.

Webmistress Niki: I certainly look forward to reading more from this series. I haven’t been this entertained for a while.

Claire: Cerulean is a really pretty color! Five Clars!

Belle: Exquisite work. Five stars.

Webmistress Niki: I don’t feel I have enough experience to-

Belle: And five stars from Niki.



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I am very disappoined that your review didn’t touch on the important themes of redemption and rebirth in this novel.

I think you two have vastly missed the great opportunities to talk about Ms Hamilton’s authorial intent to deconstruct today’s American political system.

I think you are analysing the text from the wrong perspective.




Anna, if you cannot see that Ms Hamilton’s attention to the minutiae of everyday experience combined with her loving descriptions of metaphysical sex far outstrip her (admittedly magnificent) satire of the Reagan-esque police state then your lack of perception is hardly our concern.


I think you must analyze how Anita is always facing snotty cops every time she visits a crime scene and masterfully puts them down! How she has not changed in fourteen books, resisting all opportunities in which she might evolve as a person – such wisdom! And how she is the Queen of the Universe, AB is the best book series ever, and that we should all be jealous.


Trooism must be the literary brand of fundamentalism, no? Hello to Anna – or is it Darla?

Cheers for the article : )


Hee! Love this review. I’ve grown tired of Anita. Oh I have too much power, too many hot loves, oh all the men want me too much I can’t choose, help I am queen of the universe! >.<

However, I am still following the fairy princess turned detective turned future queen of the world with hot man harem story line. Please do a review of one of LKH’s Meredith Gentry novels?

Webmistress Niki

Hi Evie,

I think Belle has put one of the Meredith Gentry novels on our to-read list, so we’ll probably get to that sometime soon. I imagine it’ll be a pretty interesting experience.