A Double Wedding


The red sun rises early on the day you wed no-longer-librarian Byron Keates, and ex-mercenary Caroline Jun Yie, Prince and Princess of Riadorf!

Your siblings and their spouses are all in attendance, your mother (a famed space-lawyer and Justice of the Space Peace) performs the ceremony, and your father, Emperor Alistair bestows upon you as a bridal gift a palace with a with a zathwop bladearm target zone for Caroline, an enormous library for Byron and a practice hall in which you may continue to deepen your mastery of the art of Boot Sway.

As the triple moons rise, your wife and husband carry you to the living room and carefully arrange you on your hands and knees.

“Did you hear that Duke Dashington married the opera diva Dame Harmony Sonata?” Byron enquires as you lick his extravagant manhood.

“No!” Caroline gasps, sinking her strap-on double-headed phallus into your feminine centre. “How fascinating! What do you think they do together?”

“Well,” Byron muses, and tells you his thoughts on the matter, to the eventual and immense satisfaction to all three of you.

“O, Xanastasia and Byron!” Caroline cries.

“O, Caroline and Xanastasia!” Byron moans.

“O, Byron and Caroline!” you swoon. “How happy I am that I was betwixt the dilemmas of Dashington Station! With amnesia!”


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